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two packs of smokes & f(our) beers = one of those days

i used to wear you as armor
never thinking that you were the (art)illery
th(is) must be war
to retreat is un(necessary)

listen to us

we write countless pages
unheard, unread
insomnia-inspired epiphanies
but we remain a note unsaid.

today has just furthered the necessity to go. to leave. to penetrate that mystical and unnerving darkness of uncertainty that constantly looms on the surface. the unknown. everyone says follow your dreams. i say, let your dreams follow you. they will undoubtedly always be there, and they will catch up to you eventually, as long as you are on the right "path".

and so our art is necessary.
it must be for our hearts and minds to stay connected with what is important; with what is true. why not just get up and go? what is REALLY stopping you? the answer: nothing. i can't just sit here and try to make a mad dash after my dreams. the very fact that i am chasing something, not knowing where it will lead me is, well, misleading. if i just roam toward something new and fresh and possibly enlightening, my dreams will follow. i will explode with satisfaction the moment that i stop too fast in my journey, and my dreams run into the back of me, knocking me over flat onto my face. then i will look up and realize that i am there. i will remember all of the moments of frustration and isolation. i will remember the mistakes and all the times that i began to become content with life. i will remember all of the negative things that i have experienced, stare them straight in the face, and blow the biggest freaking raspberry that my two, underused lips can muster.

our art is SO necessary.
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