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a song to whistle with your head held high, a melody to hum towards passerbys

my eyes are like a showroom window
displaying everything inside

how many lines do you see?
how many people are really free?
the answer is in the details.
the answer lies where we failed.
how many people do you see?
can you tell which one is really me?
the answer is not all that bad.
the answer is all that i have.

BANG crack of lightning, a second changes everything.

and now,

when i think of you,
it's like crying under water
and i remember all those times
i talked about where i'd be next summer

but can we go out
for an hour or so
and let the silence
gladly devour us both

i long to taste the life behind your lips
and the spirit beneath your tongue
my eyes draw near
to see you clear
but my feet are telling me to run.

go figure.
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