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...life is but a dream...

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9/13/04 01:16 pm - hardwood floors make the best desks


i quit my job. yeah. bye bye fast food hellhole. of course, if i was to stay, i would make some fat cash soon, but, the hell with it. i have never really been too concerned with money anyways. a couple of friends and i have written a couple songs lately. i think that they are pretty good..

boston... i am getting tired of talking about it. it is taking away all of the excitement. i should have just not told anybody until the day before. i dont know what to expect or to do once i am there. just walk around i guess. i am hoping i can take my brother's car there. that will make things a lot easier, but if not, there is always greyhound. whatever.

lately, i feel a lot of love. from everywhere and everybody. and its about time. it makes things go by so much easier.

i dont know. i am so far out of my box, i don't remember what i was thinking when i was inside the box trying to think outside. whatever it was, i hope i come across it. i feel some kind of revolution going on inside of me, and i am growing weary of mediocrity.
so, anything from this point on will be a double-edged sword.
everything i encounter will leave me breathless, and every step i take will be a leap. i feel boundless.

at the same time, when there are so many possibilites, it makes it even more hard to choose one. like in your car, and you have 40 cd's to choose from, and it takes like five minutes longer to pick one than if you would have had 4 cd's to pick from. so i think i just need to up and go. dont think about it.

la la la

i need to do something productive.

by the by,
i dont know if anyone cares, but here is a conversation i had with tree. i have not talked to her in forever, and it was good.

oh crap. i just accidentally deleted it trying to copy it.

i guess i will just have to talk to her again.

9/4/04 11:32 am - black market rock

i met a man
with barcodes tattooed on his ankles
he said

the self-taught man
can't understand
the weight of human condition
he only sees
what's between you and me
and the lines we draw
to separate ourselves

he wore a felt-tip hat
and his eyes were black
he said he had problems
trying to sleep
he failed to see
right in front of me
was a bed for him to dream in

he looked up
then looked away
then looked me in the eye
what he said next
was profound except
it's what i was thinking at the time, you see

"when i became a man,
i gave up childish things.
but when i became a monster,
i picked them up once again."

will you burn the proof of the things i've done?

8/29/04 05:34 pm - the return

he (andei/tom-not tom/crom) raises his head out of the dust, looks left, then right, cocks his head towards the heavens, and proclaims: "life is good".

what's next?
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